Your Cool provides a completely bespoke, personalised service, so it’s not easy to give you a price until we know your exact requirements.  However, we understand that you have a budget and need to know whether we can offer a service within your budget, so to help with this, we have provided some examples below.

We feel that we are competitively priced for the quality of the product and service – just think how much the last soft ice cream cost you from an ice cream van!  All our ice creams are made specifically for your event with the highest quality ingredients – and being made within 48 hours of delivery they are as fresh as possible – you and your guests will taste the difference.

Example 1

Guests:  50 guests

Flavour:  Eton Mess ice cream (including a home made meringue topper and packed with fresh strawberries)

Packaging:  cardboard ice cream tub with spoon in the lid

Branding:  personalised circular label on the lid

Service:  Your Cool usherette service (1 hour)

Cost:  £157.50

Example 2

Guests:  80 guests (including 10 children)

Flavour:  Toffee popcorn for the adults and vanilla for the children

Packaging:  140ml glass jar for the adults and small cardboard tub for the children

Branding:  personalised label on the lid of both pots

Service:  delivered for venue to serve

Extras:  sundae tray for 10 children

Cost:  £240.00

Example 3

Guests:  100 guests

Flavour:  Choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream

Packaging:  small cardboard tub with separate coloured spoons

Branding:  personalised circular label on side of tub

Service:  display freezer hired from Your Cool

Cost:  £282.50 (including freezer hire)